Battlefront 4 Campaign Trailer

When Battlefront 3 had been announced I was quite interested in it. I am not much of an online shoter player, only having played Counter Strike, Jedi Outcast, Quake 3 to any real extend and a bit of Battlefield 1942, and those were all obviously a long time ago. Battlefront 3 seemed like a good opportunity to give it another try, but reviews and popular opinion of that game were just so poor that I skipped it. Though it’s certainly a very pretty looking game. The best looking one I’ve ever seen.

So I am quite looking forwards to Battlefront 4. If they manage to fix their mistakes from the last game, it looks like something I’d want to play.

I just found out that this game will also have a campaign. I’m not expecting much of it (though I do really like the campaign in Bad Company) but it certainly looks like an interesting idea for a story.

The hero is a female imperial special forces commander who is send to Endor to put an end to that ridiculous Ewok problem at the shield generator when suddenly everything goes to hell. The Emperor dead, the Death Star destroyed, Vader dead, Piett dead, and the Executor gone. That’s the moment when things start not looking good anymore for the Empire. This could be an interesting setup for a story.

I wouldn’t expect too much from it, though. It might very well be only four hours long and most likely she’s going to join the Rebels halfway through. Which is in fact the main topic everyone is complaining about in the comments. When was the last time that you actually played a genuine Imperial character in a game? As far as I know that was Tie Fighter in 1994, which I believe was also the only time. If they can manage to make a halfway decent Bad Guy campaign it would certainly be welcome.

Another thing to point out is that the protagonist is a mid-30s brown woman. When did you ever see that in a mainstream action game before? But at the same time, this is 2017! Why is this still something worth mentioning? That you can praise a company for doing this is really an embarrasment for everyone else. When was the last time we got a non-fantasy action game with a female hero? The only ones I can think of are Metroid and Tomb Raider. Which started over 20 years ago! Seriously? The early 90s were less conservative than we are now? What a shame. I hope we’ll be seing some more of this before the end of the decade

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